Joanna Kaczynska



Joanna Kaczynska: Ania Krol

Joanna is a Polish actress based in Glasgow. She started acting at age of 15 where she played in theatres and movies and moved to the UK to follow her acting career. She played "Christian Sally" in "Neds" by Peter Mullan and appeared in a few BBC productions. She played a female lead role in "Free Crack" which won "Best Directors" award at Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project and recently she played in "A shot in the dark" which won 2 awards at Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project. She is currently working on a few film and theatre projects that are in production and due in 2012.
Joanna is also a singer. She was in the semi-finals of Polish Pop Idol and she has won many French Song Festivals. She is fluent in four languages.  Recent interview on Emito.net 10.11.11